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Fixed Assets

This module will help you create, manage and depreciate your fixed assets

The module can be found within the various additional modules, this module depreciates on a straight line basis only.

The process

To start out, create at least one Asset Group in order to register your items and establish a set of entry numbers. 

Different types of assets have different useful lives and are therefore also depreciated in different ways. Because of this, you will need to divide the assets of the company into one or more groups ( for example computer equipment, machines etc.) 

The asset groups are also where you specify the accounts that you would like to make additions, disposals and depreciation within.

Adding an asset

You can register the addition of an asset in two ways. You can either enter it in the supplier invoice or, if the asset has been depreciated in part (e.g. in a different accounting system), on the active list. 

Other functions of the Fixed assets module include:

Posting a new fixed asset
Registering a non-depreciable amount
Existing fixed asset register
Depreciation and disposal of fixed assets
Correcting incorrect entries and summary of the assets of the company

Let's get started

You may can activate the Fixed assets add-on module from within in your Reviso agreement, or have your questions answered in the Fixed assets module FAQ.

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