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Automatic bank reconciliation

The Reviso Bank Reconciliation is a smart fully integrated feature for automatic reconciliation of bank accounts and other accounts where you have the opportunity to obtain electronic data reconciliation.

Save up to 95 percent of the time it normally takes for reconciliation work
You start by importing the bank statement you receive from your online bank for one or more months in the form of an excel csv file. 

Select the month you want to reconcile, select the auto-reconcile option. Select your criteria for matching. The number of days between the system date and the date it may clear the bank. Also, if you want to reconcile one bank entry with more than one system entry and visa versa. 

If the imported bank statement entries include interest or charges that have not been booked in the system these can be processed within your bank reconciliation screen using the Transfer menu option along with any customer or supplier payments. Any unmatched items on the system side that have yet to appear on your bank statement can carried forward to the next period.

Some of the Bank features:-


  • Import your bank statement 
  • Auto reconcile
  • Post transactions direct from statement
  • Monthly reconciliation
  • Multiple bank accounts