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Project Accounting

Companies need to keep track of all their costs. The number of hours used and the expenses linked to a job can quickly become difficult to manage. The Project Accounting module, enables you to create a project along with activities within each project such as planning, building, maintenance etc and charge time, expenses, costs and mileage. Sales invoices can then be raised based on these criteria. All entries are recorded against each project which can be viewed by all or selective Project users. 

The process

Projects can be created with a fixed price or invoiced according to the Project card which is made up of the time and expenses charged to the individual project. Employees are created and hourly rates entered. Employees or outside contractors can have access to the project they are currently working on to enter time and expenses. Activities relating to each project are created and fixed costs can be linked to these activities.  

The Project Accounting module is fully integrated with Reviso's General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. 

Everything is incorporated into one system. This not only minimises the risk of errors, but also means less administration and more time for each project.

Keep track of your time

Time spent on each project can be entered easily on a daily basis enabling you to keep track of your hours, that may otherwise be missed. An online solution giving you and your employees access to the system anytime, anywhere. 

Keep control on project costs

Are you on budget? Has everything been invoiced? The module's many reports can answer these and many other questions, so that you can continuously monitor hours used, finances and resources giving you real time cost analysis on your project.

The reports also ensure that you always have an overview of the number of hours spent, the level of expenses and project earnings.

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The module is located in Add-ons and accessed via the Setting menu. For more information on the setup and running Project Accounting please go to our Help section or contact our support at

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