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Company setups

The Reviso accounting system provides 2 types of company setups to choose from. Either with VAT registered or without VAT. These include a standard chart of accounts template which can be modified to your own specification or alternatively you can import you own complete chart of accounts along with  supplier, customer and product groups, VAT codes, and more. 

Data is easily imported – such as your opening balances, journal entries directly into the system in the form of CSV files. Data from other accounting systems can be imported into Reviso quickly and easily, making your transition to Reviso entirely painless.

In a similar fashion, all of your Reviso data can be exported in the form of CSV files, which can then be saved on your hard drive and read in Excel or another similar program.

Some of the General Ledger features:-


  • 2 different company setups to choose from 
  • Ability to edit installed setup
  • Import your own chart of accounts
  • Multi-currency
  • Ex rates automatically applied
  • Block direct entries to accounts
  • Base currencies to choose from 
  • Integration functions
  • Document linking